Hazardous Materials Management


Facilities that store, use, manufacture, or manage hazardous materials are faced with a growing number of legal requirements and hazardous materials regulations at the state and federal level. Hazardous materials pose dangers to the environment and the health and safety of your workers, so facilities must ensure hazardous materials are stored in proper containers and inspected regularly, and ensure that workers are properly trained and that the authorities are given appropriate and timely notifications.

Based on your location and operations, the efficient management of hazardous materials requires a robust regulatory compliance system to ensure that the facility is protecting its workers and the environment and avoiding costly penalties from the regulators. Facilities must also understand the changing regulatory environment for their specific chemicals by tracking regulatory updates effecting chemicals managed on-site.

Regulatory Legal Watch

Red-on-line offers a tailored regulatory monitoring and chemical watch services that tracks changes to EHS regulations applicable to your facility. Each client has a project leader who understands your specific operations and regulatory impact. Using this information, Red-on-line provides regulatory watch so that you know exactly what changes are in the regulatory pipeline.
Red-on-line has local experts throughout the global to help tailor our regulatory monitoring services to your needs. We monitor hundreds of regulatory sources so that you have access to changes at the local, state, federal, and international level. The legal watch provides in-depth analysis of the regulatory information with full access to a team of global EHS experts for all of your regulatory needs.

Management and Reporting

Users of large quantities of chemicals and hazardous materials have a duty to inform their communities and local emergency responders of the dangers present on site. This makes it very important to understand the regulatory requirements for each chemical on-site. Many chemicals have specific quantity thresholds that when exceeded, trigger reporting, recordkeeping, and training requirements.

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