Chemical & Hazardous Materials Legal Watch

Chemical & hazardous materials legal watch

Effective hazardous materials management requires regulated facilities to track updates to
hazardous material regulations. Hazardous materials regulations continue to change to address new environmental and health & safety risks.

Regulatory changes may include updated hazardous material classification, new reporting or recordkeeping requirements, modified inspections requirements, or updates
to the definition of “what are hazardous materials ?

Regulatory Legal Watch

Red-on-line offers a tailored regulatory monitoring and that tracks changes to EHS regulations applicable to your facility. Each client has a project leader who understands your specific operations and regulatory impact. Using this information, Red-on-line provides regulatory watch so that you know exactly what changes are in the Environment, Health and Safety regulatory pipeline.

Red-on-line has local experts throughout the global to help tailor our regulatory monitoring
services to your needs. We monitor hundreds of regulatory sources so that you have access to changes at the local, state, federal, and international level. The legal watch provides in-depth analysis of the regulatory information with full access to a team of global EHS experts for all of your regulatory needs.

Learn more about recent regulatory updates

To find out more on Red-on-line’s EHS legal watch solutions and expertise, check out the HSE-Vigilance page.

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