Providing Hazardous Materials Information System

Hazardous Material Management System

Effective hazardous materials management requires the tracking of chemicals and hazardous products used on-site as well as tracking the hazardous waste streams generated.

Managing Chemicals & Hazardous Materials

Regulators set requirements for facilities based on the amount of chemicals used and the quantity of hazardous waste generated. It is best practice for regulated facilities to maintain a detailed hazardous chemical inventory management and waste tracking system to understand the quantity of chemicals on-site and the amount of waste generated.

The Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) requires users of large quantities of hazardous chemicals to inform their communities and local emergency responders of the dangers present on-site. Generally, if the facility is required to maintain a Safety Data Sheet for the chemical, it is regulated under the EPCRA reporting requirements. Therefore, facilities must know the quantity of chemicals on-site, whether they are regulated, and what the reportable threshold is for each chemical.

Managing Hazardous Waste

Spent chemicals often become hazardous waste, which are regulated based on the quantity generated during a calendar month. To learn more about managing your hazardous waste, see (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)).

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