What do you think about the Pressure Systems ACOP? [UK]

The Health and Safety Executive announced the opening of a public consultation into the Approved Code of Practice – L22 Safety of Pressure Systems on 1 September.

There has already been one consultation in 2012 and those comments have fed into the revised consultation document that is now being offered for public comment. This consultation concentrates on administrative changes to the layout of the ACOP as the Regulations to which this ACOP applies remains unchanged.

The principal changes to the ACOP are as follows:

• The decision tree/ flow chart on “Do the Regulations apply to me?” has been moved to the front of the document from the back
• The explanation of the interface between PSSR and the Pressure Equipment Regulations has been moved from the Introduction to an Appendix
• The list of equivalent values to 1 bar has been moved to an Appendix from the Introduction
• The paragraph on the legal background to PSSR and related legislation has been removed as it is out of date
• Additional guidance for the use of small pressure vessels in schools has been added at Appendix 3
• Appendix 2 on Major Health and Safety Legislation has been removed and the legislation list from Appendix 2 is now in the References section
• The Further Reading section has been updated and expanded.

The HSE want to know what individuals think of the new layout of the ACOP before it is published.

Anyone wishing to comment on the public consultation can do so via the HSE website or post
until 13 October 2014.

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Sources : Press release “CD270 – Consultation on draft Approved Code of Practice – L122 Safety of Pressure Systems” published on HSE website 1 September 2014