New ISO standard on hand signals used in lifting operations [INTL]

A press release dated 18 August 2014 announced the publication by the International Standardization Organization (ISO) of the ISO standard 16715:2014 (Cranes – Hand signals used with cranes).

The new standard establishes requirements in relation to hand signals used in lifting operations.

Thus, the standard determines a set of universal hand signals for adoption wherever lifting operations take place in building or construction, making those operations safer and more efficient”.

As a reminder, in a press release issued on 4 July 2014, ISO announced that the revision of ISO 14001 has been made available as a Draft International Standard (DIS) which is now open to public comment and purchase, allowing organisations to prepare for the final publication of the standard at the end of 2015. Anyone with expertise or experience may submit their contributions and comments via their national ISO member body.

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