Consultation on the revision of Work Equipment ACOPs [UK]

This consultative reviews comes as a direct result of the independent review of the UK health and safety legislation by Professor Löfstedt and his ensuing report ‘Reclaiming health and safety for all’ in which one of his recommendations was that all the exisiting ACOPs should be reviewed.

The majority of the changes are simply a revision and simplification to the language used in the selected ACOPs.

The consultation started on 31 March and will end on 23 May 2014. Those wishing to respond to the consultation can do so either by completing the online questionnaire or downloading and returning by email or post.

Sources : Consultation “CD268 – ACOPs: Provision and Use of Work Equipment (L22), Safe Use of Power Presses (L122), Safe Use of Woodworking Machinery (L114)

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