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Health & Safety Consulting

Retaining a health & safety consultant can be an important part of a company’s EHS regulatory compliance program. Relying on an H&S compliance specialist will allow your company to focus attention on core business activities and target key areas for improvement, while striving for zero incidents.

Who can benefit from H&S compliance services

In the ordinary course of business, you will add new workers, increase production, and add new product lines that may impact the occupational risks at your plant. In addition, health & safety regulations are subject to change so many industrial sites rely on external health & safety consultants to help meet and maintain compliance.

From large industrial manufacturing facilities to small warehouses and office buildings, partnering with a trusted health & safety consulting firm can yield many benefits and prove to be a strong return on investment.

For large industrial manufacturing facilities, partnering with health & safety consultants will help your team focus on compliance and addressing the risks that your facility faces. As you add processes and new workers, it can be important to understand your new training and reporting requirements, as well as understand risks associated with new product lines.
Also, regulatory updates must be monitored and compliance tracked. Having a lifeline to an external consulting firm to discuss changing regulations and modified processes will help your facility meet its regulatory requirements in a changing regulatory environment.

For warehouses and smaller industrial sites, finding the right consulting firm is important. OSHA and state level requirements extend to smaller sites, so understanding common pitfalls is an important step to maintaining compliance.

All of your sites may not understand important training, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements, nor the risks faced by employees who are exposed to chemicals or dangerous machinery. Keeping workers safe and reaching zero incidents often requires the assistance from the outside.

What type of Health & Safety compliance services are available?

Health & safety consultants provide clients with various services including Health & Safety Audits, ISO/OHSAS Certifications, legal register creation, and Health & Safety Risk Assessments.

How does Red-on-line help?

Red-on-line solutions support industrial sites in their Health & Safety Compliance Audit Programs, Health & Safety Risk Assessments and their OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001 & 50001 objectives.

With global coverage in over 70 countries, our multilingual team of EHS experts can help you understand your EHS requirements, track and maintain compliance on user-friendly software, manage risk, and meet OHSAS/ISO objectives in diverse and changing regulatory environments.
Red-on-line brings together EHS content, consulting, and software to provide clients with a high-quality EHS compliance solution. Our services are used by over 5,000 sites and more than 15,000 users worldwide.

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